To your strategy, sales, marketing, financial and other inputs to write a fully SBA compliant, lender - ready business plan.

About us: The Compelling Franchise Business Plan

FranchiseBusinessPlan.org provides information, tools and professional services to help you rapidly complete your franchise business plan.

Our mission, like Consumer Reports' mission with consumer products, is to provide objective reports, tools and services that help franchise investors make the best possible purchase decisions.  Having a solid business plan is an important tool for helping you make the best possible franchise investment decision.

We have assembled a unique leadership team of seasoned business experts, all of whom have outstanding track records in their respective fields. This pool of knowledge is available to you in creating an honest and compelling business case you can use to validate your potential purchase decision and to maximize chances of getting lender approvals for the startup business loan you need to launch your new franchise business.


We help you thoroughly assess the upside, risk and accuracy of your franchise business plan. Many franchise investments have created superior lifestyles for franchisees. Without proper planning, it is also possible to make a poor franchise investment decision, lose all savings invested, money borrowed, and considerably more.  We help you to not just build a generic business plan, but one that includes the special considerations of a franchise. Use your completed business plan to more confidently finalize your decisions and seek startup business funding.

From experience, we appreciate that each and every franchise business opportunity is unique and needs to be treated as such. Our team will take the time required to understand your vision to communicate its profit potential.   We will help complete a franchise business plan that tells your story, ideas and dreams in a compelling and clear manner.  We will include content - text, financial charts, graphs, and graphics - that is guaranteed to get the attention of lenders and investors who can help your new small franchise business grow.


Our Headquarters is in Palo Alto, California, the heart of the Silicon Valley. Our management team is no stranger to the culture and energy behind innovation and new business formation. 



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Unlike other franchise information sources, our reports are SOLELY FUNDED BY CONSUMERS. BestFranchise.org provides information and services that empower consumers with information to make the best and most profitable franchise purchase decisions.


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